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October 25 2014

Wenn ich teilnehmen muss, ist der Markt nicht frei.
Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen - Niemand arbeitet mehr für sich selbst
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September 20 2014

We now, for the first time ever, have the technology and resources necessary to make the world a great place for everyone. We can provide adequate food, housing, education, and healthcare for everyone, using only a fraction of our labor and resources. This means that we can put an end to wage-slavery. I don't have to work. I choose to work. And I believe that everyone deserves the same freedom I have. If done right, it's also economically superior, meaning that we will all have more wealth.

We often talk about how brilliant or visionary Steve Jobs was, but there are probably millions of people just as brilliant as he was. The difference is that they likely didn't grow up with great parents, amazing teachers, and an environment where innovation was the norm. Also they didn't live down the street from Steve Wozniak.

Economically, we don't need more jobs. We need more Steve Jobs. When we set everyone free, we enable the outliers everywhere. The result will be an unprecedented boom in human creativity and ingenuity.
Paul Buchheit: The Technology
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February 11 2014


October 12 2013

Universal Basic Income: We are probably there in terms of the economics. We are very, very wealthy — we could afford to do this. But we are not there in terms of the politics.
Rather than savage cuts, Switzerland considers “Star Trek” economics - Salon.com
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August 18 2013


June 05 2013


When we consider that each of us has only one life to live, isn’t it rather tragic to find men and women, with brains capable of comprehending the stars and the planets, talking about the weather; men and women, with hands capable of creating works of art, using those hands only for routine tasks; men and women, capable of independent thought, using their minds as a bowling-alley for popular ideas; men and women, capable of greatness, wallowing in mediocrity; men and women, capable of self-expression, slowly dying a mental death while they babble the confused monotone of the mob?

— William J. Reilly @ How to Avoid Work: A 1949 Guide to Doing What You Love
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November 19 2012

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Viktor Frankl quoting Goethe: "If you don't recognize man's will to meaning and search for meaning, you make him worse, you make him dull and frustrated. If, however, you presuppose there must be a spark of search for meaning, then you will elicit it from him and make him become what he in principle is capable of becoming." (via @astrid)
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September 19 2012

Ambition is fired by possibility, not by deprivation, as a tour through the world’s poorest regions makes clear.
People are motivated when they feel competent. They are motivated when they have more opportunities.
Thurston Howell Romney - NYTimes.com
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May 02 2012


April 10 2012

Das Einkommen ist nicht die Bezahlung der Arbeit – es ist die Voraussetzung für das Arbeiten.
Götz Werner
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January 21 2011


Wanderschaft 2.0 – € 800/M. für jeden 18-Jährigen!

Milo Tesselaar schlägt ein altersabhängiges, temporäres Grundeinkommen vor, gebunden an ehrenamtliche Tätigkeit/außerschulische Bildung/Unternehmensgründung/Auslandserfahrung etc.
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September 19 2010

In der Politik lautet eine beliebte Phrase: Arbeitsplätze sichern. Das ist Unsinn. Arbeit muss man erledigen, nicht sichern. Aus dem falschen Paradigma der Vollbeschäftigung kommt solcher Unsinn wie: Recht auf Arbeit.
Götz Werner in der SonntagsZeitung
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February 16 2009

Tätigkeiten, die mir liegen, sind keine Arbeit. Ich habe kein gutes Wort dafür, es ist einfach das, was ich tue. Ich rolle stets mit den Augen, wenn mir z.B. Leute unterstellen, ich würde noch “arbeiten”, nur weil ich nachts in einer Bar sitze und an langen Texten, Source Code oder was auch immer tippe. “Nein”, sage ich dann immer, “ich mach doch nur…” und verstumme dann meist, weil es ja eh keiner verstehen würde.
Tim Pritlove, Das bedingungslose Grundeinkommen
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