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August 23 2011

I am nothing, and so I am finally free to be myself. ... When I have no image or identity or ego to protect, I can begin to see and accept things as they really are. That is the beginning of positive change.
Paul Buchheit: I am nothing
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April 04 2011

You are a mashup of what you choose to let into your life.
Austin Kleon
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February 04 2011

External constraints, such as the need to go to school or make money are simply obstacles to be hacked.
Paul Buchheit: The two paths to success
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January 24 2011

The worst team member is the best predictor of how any team performs. It doesn't seem to matter how great the best member is, or what the average member of the group is like.
Coding Horror: The Bad Apple: Group Poison
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January 22 2011

Procrastination by reading random articles does not cause you to rest: You do not regain mental energy from it. Success and happiness cause you to regain willpower; what you need to heal your mind from any damage sustained by working is not inactivity, but reliably solvable problems which reliably deliver experienced jolts of positive reinforcement.
Working hurts less than procrastinating, we fear the twinge of starting – Eliezer Yudkowsky @ Less Wrong
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January 15 2011

Anyone claiming to know the One True Way -- Chinese Mothers, 37signals, a church -- is wrong. Experiment, adapt and find your own.
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November 16 2010

Austin Kleon's horoscope blackouts. Better advice than the originals, I'm sure. More...
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November 11 2010

If you don’t talk about your ideas, they might as well not exist.
— A helpful reminder by Mike Estee
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November 09 2010

Anstatt sich Sorgen über Dinge zu machen und damit die Dinge zu analysieren und zu zerlegen, bis sie nicht mehr da sind, sollte man lieber die Sorge selbst analysieren und zerlegen.
Stefan Braun
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October 24 2010

I try to avoid having plans for my life, but I have many ideas instead. Which ones actually happen will be a surprise to me. It's more fun that way.
Paul Buchheit: Serendipity finds you
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The fear that often keeps people from public speaking, talking to strangers, interviewing for jobs, etc. is typically driven by fear of embarrassment, humiliation, rejection, criticism, etc – that's ego-fear.

Fear is defeated by confrontation – avoidance only makes it stronger. Seek ego-fear. Hunt it down and soak in it. Steal its energy. This is, by definition, scary. That's good.
Paul Buchheit: Serendipity finds you
(Hope to meet him tomorrow at FailCon!)
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October 17 2010


Greg Knauss: The Days of Miracles and Wonder

Don't be a cynic. Also, don't ever use the words ‘Meh’ or ‘Fail.’ – Sounds like solid advice to me.

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July 02 2010


The Key to Creating Remarkable Things

"Creative work first, reactive work second. ... Begin the day with creative work on [your] own top priorities, with the phone and email switched off."
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January 16 2010

To put yourself forward as someone good enough to do interesting things is, by definition, to expose yourself to all kinds of negative judgments, and as far as I can tell, the fact that other people get to decide what they think of your behavior leaves only two strategies for not suffering from those judgments: not doing anything, or not caring about the reaction.
A Rant [...] by Clay Shirky
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January 10 2010

In order to keep appreciating something, either it, or we, must constantly change – lest we suffocate.
Enjoymentland » Notice small changes

January 07 2010

Meiner Meinung macht es keinen Sinn sich über andere Menschen aufzuregen. Man würde nie fertig aber schnell verbittert werden.
Philipp Tiefenbacher @wizard23
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November 12 2009

People you deal with who take forever to make a decision [are] the worst enemies for entrepreneurs. ... Once you spotted [a non-decision maker], avoid him at any cost. ... On the other hand, everytime you meet anyone who is making even the slightest decisions about your product (like tweeting about it, registering, sending you an email… anything), you have to be very very responsive.
Superfeedr Blog : The Non-Decision makers
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May 11 2009

The skillful management of attention is the sine qua non of the good life and the key to improving virtually every aspect of your experience, from mood to productivity to relationships.
Salon.com Books | Why can't we concentrate?
Note to self: Pay more attention to what you pay attention to.
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February 08 2009

You can have a fruitful discussion about a topic only if it doesn't engage the identities of any of the participants. ...
The best plan is to let as few things into your identity as possible. ... The more labels you have for yourself, the dumber they make you.
Paul Graham: Keep Your Identity Small
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December 17 2008

Set more reasonable goals and recognize that achieving even modest change will be difficult. [...]
Remember that your openness to new experiences is slowly declining, so you are better off making a new start today than postponing it until later.
Why Change Is So Hard: Scientific American
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