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February 08 2011

die party war ja wieder mal sehr gelungen! ... hatte einen freund mitgebracht, der bis in die morgenstunden ziemlichen spaß hatte. jetzt hat er von irgendeiner dame eine reitgerte zu hause liegen (ja, details würden mich auch interessieren *g*). vermisst irgendjemand so ein ding?
Interne Metalab-Mailingliste (lolwtf?)
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The 27 crowd during Alex's talk (additional people were sitting on the floor up front)
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27: Write a Small Review

This. Was. Awesome. My favorite place in the world was full of current, hardly-ever-anymore and not-yet acquaintances. There was food for thought and for the stomach, sad music and happy music, intellectually and emotionally stimulating moments, and just as importantly also fuck-it-let's-dance — at least all that was the intention I hope came across.

Some dear friends performed: When we weren't fighting with Skype, Alex encouraged us to aim for the human singularity (using all human brains to their full potential) before we reach the technological one. @kyrah got us up to speed on what might turn out to be one of the most significant political events of our lifetimes. @boysoprano stood on stage for the first time in his life, and who knew his voice is that good? :). @moep spontaneously decided to show off his newly developed Gameboy music skills. @jooray livehacked great audiovisuals. Ben and his friend Christian made lovely cupcakes. @nex did something or other with DDR in the lounge… sorry, didn't catch it myself so I don't know how much of the initial plan was realized ;)

All contributors I didn't yet know – @claus, Sebastian, Ana, Tomas and Ulrika, all of whom I just randomly emailed (or was introduced to) a few weeks ago – turned out to be most wonderful people.

Late at night, a whole new group arrived from who knows where, started using blue tape like war paint and sang along to the DJ. And even the police came by to party in their own special way ♥

There were some unfortunate tech fuckups and delays, and my shipment of zines didn't arrive in time – oh well.
I'm sure not everyone enjoyed everything on stage as much as I did – I was actually really positively surprised by the interest shown. So many people I only vaguely know listening intently to transhumanist and political talks at what was advertised as a party for lack of a better word? So many people who had never heard her music (beyond a short sample at best) dancing along to Compute? Either of those is unusual, but both with the same crowd?!

It was a "party" designed to also appeal to people who don't usually party all that much, and I think that worked well.
The people I care about seemed to enjoy the night, and that made it so worth the effort!

I couldn't have done it without @oib, @meta, @fin, @kay, @jain7th, @stereotype, Lukas... the folks at Lomo, all the barkeepers including @tomk32, @wizard23, @nickless, @durchzug, @kallaballa and the cleanup team the next day. Sorry for not showing up before Monday morning: I was completely out of order, exhausted like I've hardly ever been after barely three hours of sleep the night before and all the preparations and last-minute things. Next time I'll budget professional cleaning.

"Standing on stage and being able to look at a crowd of people and say 'hey, I by all rights shouldn't be here, but as the result of accepting an opportunity here I am…', I think that's a huge life changer for me." said Dallas in the intro video, and that's how I felt as well. A few years ago I would never ever have imagined I'd be organizing something like this, and that so many great people would show up and enjoy it.
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I wish I knew whether these ice breaker cards worked as intended to mix the people at 27 up a bit. All I know is @mihi gave Ulrika his spontaneous LED hack (but what did she give back in return?) and @claus taught someone to order drinks in Icelandic. Pretty cool!
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February 07 2011

Club-Mate, diodpins och dansande nördar! Wien levererar!
— Ulrika aka Compute
Levererar = delivers. You should be able to guess the rest :)
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