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I am sustained by the glory of mankind.
We are a mere mote floating lonely in the cosmos. But this mote is one of brilliance and life, where truths are continually being discovered and recognized, where order, structure, and creation is possible. [...] Look out into the darkness. The world is so large, and we can change so much. This is ours—OURS, do you understand? Ours to reshape, recreate, and understand. We alone hold this power. But this ability demands that we be rational; the glory of mankind is such that if men would be but rational, so much is possible, so much can be achieved, done, accomplished, created. And knowing this, those who would be rational, those who would think and discover and create—those are [...] the brightest flares of light against the darkness, the ones who, having been dead for centuries, will still surround us, touching every soul. So when I say I am sustained by the glory of mankind, I mean this: that the potential of mankind stands behind me, and that the active pursuit of meeting and becoming this pinnacle drives me.
(That's right, I'm totally quoting a dating profile.)

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