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The Secret is for conspiracists to ponder in smugly satisfied disaffected stasis; whereas bad policies, skewed budgets, false assumptions, wrongheaded aspirations, and ugly events are for citizens and activists and civil servants to expose and address and reform for the better. ...

I refuse the plutocratic rationalizations of those anarchists devoted to the fanciful spontaneism of the Invisible Hand, I refuse the complacent paranoia of the anarchists devoted to the fanciful conspiracism of the Hidden Hand, I refuse the pampered loose talk of the anarchists devoted to the fanciful smashing of the Heavy Hand.

We are the Deep State. We need to act like it, take up the long work of democratization in the service of sustainable equity-in-diversity and stop with the excuses already.
Dale Carrico: The Military-Industrial Complex Is Not A Deeper State Than Our State of Democratizing Capability

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