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Networks over dollars: Enormously vested interests with bottomless pocketbooks can be overcome by people banding together through newer, smarter, faster networks....

We've seen it happen to the wealthy, powerful newspaper, magazine and recording businesses – and the protests against SOPA and PIPA [proved it possible in the political realm].

I can think of no industry in better need of that sort of upheaval than our policymaking infrastructure, ... [where] many decisions [are] not based on fact or effectiveness, but shaped by the money chase that elected officials are obsessed with.

I want our tech industry to see as much potential, as much excitement, as much glamour, and far more meaning in fixing politics and voting and policy as they do in fixing the way we listen to music or organize our photos.
Politics is a Business. A Big, Broken One. Let's Fix It. - Anil Dash
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