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On October 14th, right on time with the protests on the 15th, the wonderful Epizentrum was established as a new social centre & squat here in Vienna. Your's truly couldn't help but contribute a quickly assembled stencil, easily identifiable through the shared font. But why stop there? Yesterday the Lastenradkollektiv had their Solifest at Epizentrum, and since G.R.L. Vienna is largely defunct/on permanent hiatus, the Mobile Broadcast Unit was not properly maintained in years - it was time for the utility tricycle to find a new loving home with a self-organised collective. I'm glad to have contributed it to their already wonderful roster!

And now we're on a roll! Why not do a revival of the old projects we deemed boring after 3 years of too much repetition? Well, sure! Like all those years ago, we quickly gathered some good old friends to show Vienna some more of that bloated freedom of speech project ...

Thank you everyone for the wonderful night. It was good to return to a lost love for some time.
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