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We drift from block to block, from city to city, travers­ing con­ti­nents and time­zones. We live in cheap hos­tels, tiny flats and aban­doned struc­tures, scav­eng­ing the left-overs of a fall­en in­dus­tri­al so­ci­ety.

We speak many tongues, but one lan­guage. We smell ri­ots long be­fore they hap­pen, and sense wire­less hotspots. We dis­trust all that claim to lead us, and fear those who pre­tend to pro­tect us.

We in­hab­it new worlds in­side and out­side our heads our an­ces­tors didn’t dare to dream about. We are leav­ing their dreams of ma­te­ri­al wealth be­hind and spin new ones of lib­er­ty and life and hap­pi­ness.

We hate those who de­mand re­spect with­out earn­ing it. We phase in and out of dif­fer­ent re­al­i­ties and change our per­son­ae like un­der­wear. We are dig­i­tal con­quis­ta­dors, ex­plor­ing the strange new plane that pro­duced us.

We con­sid­er gen­der, skin col­or and spir­i­tu­al align­ment as ac­ces­soires we can wear, not as defin­ing as­pects of our­selves. We dis­re­gard na­tions, for we are chil­dren of the city and the riv­er.

We are born as the slaves of a dy­ing time, strug­gling to get free.

We are the cho­sen ones, for we have cho­sen our­selves.
We are the new.
A fanfare for those who are still alive. – @kewagi
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