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Radical Face ("Mountains") live in San Francisco, recorded by Connor Ellmann

Ooooh, so pretty – this sets new standards for amateur(ish) concert recordings.

The artist is amazing – both in this incarnation and as one of his other projects: Electric President.
He occupied two spots on my best of 2010 mixtape (budget of that linked video: $150). The above is a song from an epic in-progress self-released three-album collection of songs set around "a fictional family tree ranging from around 1800 to 1950, cobbled together from genealogy charts and personal experiences and stories I've read" that he worked on for the last few years, fighting his label to retain the creative freedom to follow through with this hardly-marketable concept.
He goes on "no clubs" tours playing people's backyards and "odd locations" only, collaborates with local choral groups for performances (like the one in this video), records humble tutorials on how to play his songs and just generally seems to be an all-around good person with a wonderful voice and great songwriting skills.

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