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Sommerkino Juli

10.+11.7. Never Let Me Go OmU
13.7. Ponyo
18.7. Spirited Away OmU
21.7. Moon

Interessant: (Wer mag mitkommen?)
3.7. Folge mir – Österreichischer Film. Surreal, karg, kalt, abweisend.
5.+6.7. Abendland (Trailer) – Geyrhalter (We feed the world) über Dekadenz im nächtlichen Europa.
8.+9.7. Attenberg OmU (Trailer)
8.+9.7. Putty Hill OmU (Trailer) – Mumblecore. "How the death of a local teenager affects an entire town"
14.7. Daddy Longlegs OmU (Trailer) – "What it’s like to be truly torn between being a child and being an adult"
17.7. THX 1138 OmU (Trailer) – SciFi-Klassiker
21.7. Zelig (Teaser) – Mockumentary. "A man so devoid of identity, so eager to assimilate, that he literally takes on the appearance or, at least, the attributes of anyone he comes in contact with."

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