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My Journey Log @ Journey to the End of the Night - San Francisco - June 2011

Oooh, nice tech! As usual, this was great fun:
- The faces of passers-by as 1,500 people take off from a city square at the same time
- Being pursued up and down the steep streets of San Francisco hoping not to be the slowest in my group
- Jumping fences and climbing across construction sites while a co-runner abandons his stuck shoes in the mud 
- Being hassled by fake TSA agents ("please place your dignity inside the bin"), hugging trees, ambushing people with stuffed animals and exchanging sharpie-drawn knuckle tattoos ("BALLS LIFE"!) at checkpoints
- Meeting people while camping out at the bus stop
- Seeing the city from a million new angles
- Losing my phone just before the end :/

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