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The original version of Fray, started by Derek Powazek in 1996, is still my all-time favorite creative web project.

From way before blogs existed up until 2003, it was an online collection of personal short stories, sorted into the categories Criminal, Hope, Work and Drugs, and told in hypertext in a way only possible on the internet.

The lack of a content management system or templates meant that each story's hand-crafted HTML gave it a different feel from any other, with a level of attention to detail you just don't see on the web anymore: Some stories are illustrated with animated GIFs, some are creatively split up into framesets, each with short paragraphs optimized for online reading, powerful one-liners as "next page" links, and a question encouraging readers to send in their own stories at the end.

Here are some favorites, have a look: The Scar, The Worm Within, Homecoming, Baker Beach, Reality Check, Mugged and Geographic.
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