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Consider for a moment how many adults you know in therapy, how many with estranged relationships with their families, distorted views of their personality or even more simply how many totally ill-equipped to interact with strangers with any level of confidence. The number of socially inept, emotionally off-balance adults I know far outweighs the number of adults I know who can’t read, or do basic math. ... How it is I know the capitals of states I’ve never been to or the mundane likely-fabricated life details of presidents who died hundreds of years ago but I don’t know for certain what the best way is to deal with someone who is sad?

Rarely if ever do our kids get to spend any substantial amount of time working on any sort of emotional development. ... If speech can be refined, vocabulary built, and language elevated what about a child’s emotional well being?
I decided to test this theory, treating emotional building blocks the same way you might treat guitar lessons...
Dallas Clayton
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